Richard Christison B.Sc.(Hons)

Freelance Protein Expression Scientist

Tel. +46 768 898489

Gene to Protein

Protein Expression Consultancy

Expression Construct Design

Expression Construct Generation

Expression Screening

Protein Expression at scales 25mls to 25L

Cell Culturing at scales  25mls to 25L

Cell Line Generation

A bespoke service tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

Working with the client in their own laboratory I shall provide the skills to go from construct design through to exploratory protein production. 

Consultancy on all aspects of gene to protein production. 

Provide guidance, support, alternative viewpoints and confirmation on part or the whole of the gene to protein cascade. Including expression system choice and design options

Expression construct design for baculovirus, mammalian (transient & stable), E.coli and Pichia

Including vector selection, construction methodology, mutagenesis strategies and construct design choices regarding choice of mutants due to glycosylation, phosphorylation or other structural requirements plus leader sequence choice if required.

Expression construct generation for recombinant baculovirus, mammalian (transient & stable), E.coli and Pichia.

Using established molecular biological techniques such as of sub-cloning and mutagenesis or alternatively through helping with outsourcing to gene synthesis companies.

Provision of expression screening for baculovirus, mammalian (transient & stable), E.coli and Pichia at small scale. 

To include as required multiple construct screening, multiple system screening, lysis buffer screening, and Histidine (His) tag purification screening using immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC).

Generation of cell biomass in shaker flasks, wave bags and bioreactors for protein production at scale for baculovirus (25mls to 25L), transient & stable mammalian (25mls to 25L), E.coli (25mls to 10L) and Pichia systems (25mls to 5L).

Cell culturing at scale (25mls to 25L) for baculovirus and transient & stable mammalian cells for uses such as assays on whole cells or membranes.

Stable cell line generation for mammalian lines. Including transfection of standard mammalian cell lines, cell line selection (given an appropriate functional assay), clonal selection of good expressing lines.

All these services are currently available to clients in Sweden, the United Knigdom and other EU countries.

Client to provide all required consumables and access to equipment.

Svenska Talade

Freelance Protein Expression Scientist

Richard Christison

Freelance Protein Expression Scientist

Tel. +46 768 898489

Approved for Swedish F-tax  (Godkänd för F-skatt )